3 Steps to Loving Mondays

You don’t have to hate Monday’s! No matter your job, it is possible to begin each week with passion and excitement. Here are 3 steps to loving each Monday.
1. Be grateful- Remember when you were without a job and how badly you wanted to be employed? It is easy to forget how desperate we were to work before you were employed. Whenever you are tempted to dread Mondays, remember how grateful you are to be employed, earning a paycheck and gaining valuable skills. There are thousands of people who would love to take your place, no matter how bad you believe you current job may be.

2. Prepare for the week ahead– A very important step to loving Mondays is taking time to prepare for each work week. I am not suggesting that you spend your entire weekend working. It is essential to take time for rest and recreation. However, scheduling an hour, or even a few minutes, to prepare for your work week can seriously transform your outlook and perspective. Your preparation may include drafting emails to send out Monday, taking time to review your objectives and create your to do list or outlining solutions to potential challenges. Taking a few minutes to do this each weekend will make a tremendous impact on your work week.

3. Outline your goals– Determining your goals creates passion and purpose for your work. Outlining your financial, personal and professional goals provide purpose and motivation. If your goals are clear, every Monday brings you closer towards your goals- no matter your job. By approaching each day with purpose and intentionally, you will realize your goals, no matter where you start.
Do you follow any of these steps? What additional steps do you take to prepare for Mondays?  I would love to hear your comments.


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