Are you ready to live?


Author James Allen said, “Most people are anxious to improve their circumstances, but unwilling to improve themselves; therefore they remain bound.” This statement so true. Most people’s lives are filled with anxiety about the things that they wish were different. They are unaware that the only real way to change their lives is to change themselves.

When I say change, I am actually talking about personal growth. The last thing most of us want to do is grow ourselves. Why? Because growth is not easy. It is painful. Here are a few truths I have learned about growth:
  • Growth means facing truths about yourself. Even ones that are painful and hard to accept.
  • Growth means being disciplined. Growth doesn’t happen in a day. It happens day-by-day. Chances are we won’t see the results immediately.
  • Growth means accepting others for who they are. This is hard to do, especially when we disagree or feel we have been treated unfairly.
  • Growth means learning to be grateful, no matter your circumstance. Especially when you are in situations beyond your control.
  • Growth means getting out of our comfort zones. We cannot grow and stay where we are at the same time.
Are there situations in your life that you wish were different? What if the only thing standing in the way is yourself? The journey of personal growth is not easy, but it is a surefire way to change your circumstances and your life. You are worth it.
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