The Distance Between God and Me Mastermind


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You are invited to participate in a Mastermind Group study on the “The Distance between God and Me: Finding My Authentic Self” by Chawanis Ash. This is a 5-week in-depth study that will provide you the opportunity to join forces and mastermind with a unique group of like-minded women who are focused on taking results in every area of their lives to a new level. Together, we will learn how to stand in the truth of our past and use those experiences as leverage to gain the things we want and need to live happy and fulfilled lives.
Through this study, you will gain:
-Tools to improve your self-worth, confidence and esteem
-Insight on how to unapologetically stand in and own your truth
-Courage to “Be You” in a world that is constantly telling you who you should be
-Support from other women who are breaking through their past to live lives of success and fulfillment
Mastermind group details
      Facilitator: Chawanis Ash, Author, Speaker & Counselor
Target audience: Women interested in personal growth and development
          Course schedule: This 5-week study will meet weekly starting Tues, April 12th, 7pm
             Meeting location: This virtual course will meet via teleconference. Conference info will be provided after registration. (All weekly calls are recorded and available for playback each week.)
         Course Materials: Group materials and weekly outline will be provided.
Purchase of The Distance between God and Me: Finding My Authentic Self required by participants. Click here for book purchase
               Registration cost:    
           Mastermind registration is $99 for 5-week course.
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