Mastermind Groups


“I enjoyed talking with a group of people with a desire to improve themselves. Listening to the experiences of others and examples in the book have brought me to realize areas that I myself need to improve upon. I realized that wasn’t planning things out to the detail. My ideas were fragmented, at best. Listening to the law of Navigation, I realize now that I must detail my vision, so those who see it will understand action on it. I have several projects for which I will apply what I have learned. I know the results will follow.”

Dennis G.- Supervisor United Parcel Service

“I decided to join the 21 irrefutable laws mastermind group to grow my company and leaders within the company. The study provided applicable content that could be implemented right away. After completing the 8-week mastermind study,  I have seen growth in my team, myself and my company. The results have been monumental.”

Vincent W.-Practice Manager, Women’s Healthcare

15 Invaluable Laws of Growth Mastermind- Starting June 1st


21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership Mastermind- New class TBD

21 Irrefutable laws cover

The Distance Between God and Me Mastermind- New class TBD

The Distance new cover

You Can Get There from Here Mastermind- New class TBD 

You can get there from here_

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