Leadership Lessons of David: The Underdog’s Guide to Leadership and Success was written for those, like me,  who do not  possess all the traditional tools and resources for success, but were called to greatness, nevertheless. This book will provide practical tools to think BIG and act BIG, no matter the challenge.
Your dreams are possible and closer than you think!
You can get there from here_
In this book, Denard shares his personal experiences in the workplace and lessons learned along the way. This book will teach you to overcome negative feelings concerning your job or career, get results where you are and leverage your current job to achieve what you really want in life.
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  1. I have just completed You can Get There From Here: The Guidebook For Achieving Success at Work and Life by Denard Ash. This is a must read for anybody entering the workplace for the first time or seasoned employees struggling in their chosen profession right now. Denard puts his MBA to good use sharing his insights on how to get ahead in your work environment. I can think of no greater gift for a young man or woman in your life to help them navigate the world of office politics. Wonderful practical advice for those driven to carve out a career for themselves rather than just work 40 hours a week.

    I am retired now, but wish this book had been in my hands when I was younger. Oh, the pitfalls I could have avoided by following some of the wisdom Denard shares.
    One of my favorite pieces of advice is ‘dress the part.’ If everyone in the office is wearing jeans and you look professional, when it comes time to promote someone to office manager you will stand out. In fact, they already think you are overqualified for your position because you look like management. I have told my own children this for years.

    I had the pleasure of working with Denard years ago. I always knew we had the best teaching team at AYA. Our team had one thing in common. We were all committed 110% to our students and we brought our A game every day. Denard lives what he writes. I am buying three more copies of this book today so each one of my children has it in their hands. This book is a blueprint for success.

    • Larraine,
      Thanks for the awesome feedback! My time at AYA was a great experience. It was a pleasure working alongside you! Thanks for sharing The Guidebook for Achieving Success with book with your children.

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