You Can Get There from Here Mastermind

You can get there from here_

There is only one way to get to where you want to go – that is by starting where you are.  This mastermind group will provide the tools and insight to leverage your current job and career in order to:

  • Transition to the job or career you want
  • Make the leap from being employed to being a business owner
  • Gain promotion in your current workplace
  • Increase your income
  • Develop the mindset and strategies for success no matter your current place

Through this study, you will soon realize that your dreams are possible and closer than you think!

                                                                 Facilitator:                                                                             Denard Ash, MBA Certified Speaker, Trainer, Coach with the John Maxwell Team

                                                                Target:                                                                Professionals, Organizational Leaders, Lifelong learners

                                                           Course schedule:                                                              This 7-week course will meet weekly starting Tuesday March 29th.  

                                                          Meeting location:                                                       This virtual course will meet via teleconference l. Conference info will be provided after registration. (All weekly calls are recorded and available for playback each week.)

                                                           Course Materials:                                                                                    Group workbook and weekly outline will be provided.                                                Purchase of 15 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership book required by participants.             Click here for book purchase

                                                           Registration cost:                                                             Course cost $129, plus cost of book purchase.

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